Monthly Archives: March 2011

Featured Collector: Donald Kitain

Meet our Latest Featured Fazzino Collector: Donald Kitain In His Own Words: I never get tired of looking at Fazzino artwork.  New details become obvious every time they are examined.  Time often seems to get lost while I look through … Continue reading

Fazzino’s 3D Pop Art Back in Luxembourg

We are thrilled to welcome Galerie D’Art Schortgen back into the Fazzino family. Greetings to both Mr. Schortgen and Lydia who used to exhibit Fazzino’s work many years ago and are now back in the fold. They have made quite a … Continue reading

Heather Fazzino’s Crook Couture Updates

Heather Lee Fazzino is proud to announce that she has re-launched her Crook Couture website with a brand new shopping cart feature. Now, you can enter the site, tour the product line, and order all from one place!   Heather’s … Continue reading

Censorship is Dangerous

I have been meaning to share this with you since last December when i originally read it.  It hit me because it deals with a subject that is close to many artists’s hearts….censorship. It’s about an Italian street artist named … Continue reading