Which piece goes where? That’s always a challenge. Everyone likes a sitting around a few thousand random pieces of potential structural integrity, trying to decide what to do with each. Get the perimeter intact and proceed inward from there – that is generally a wise strategy. Or just dive in from one corner on over to the other three. There is certainly no age contingency for table top puzzle making. Very young to very old will sit and engage with the challenge for hours, and passers-bye in your living room traffic will stop and grab a few pieces and attempt a quick win for their successful placement.

There is nothing like a Fazzino art puzzle. Spectacular table top eye candy in stunning 3D! A large variety of puzzle art images are available, and if you do one, you will want to get more. Have a Fazzino-themed evening with your friends and family – or purchase two and pit one team against another to see who gets that final piece first! The fun is endless. 3D puzzle fun. Fazzino style.