Olympic Art

Charles Fazzino is known worldwide for his innovative and extremely detailed, 3-dimensional pop art style.  Often considered a pop culture historian, Fazzino is capable of forever capturing moments or events in one of his larger than life images.  It’s no wonder, then, that he’s been commissioned to create art for such high profile events and places like the Super Bowl, the GRAMMY Awards, and Times Square in New York City.  Perhaps the most legendary of his work falls into the category of Olympic artwork.

For the past four Olympic Games, Fazzino has crafted a series of exclusive, limited edition collectible pins for NBC commemorating the winter and summer games. But as far back as the Sydney games in 2000, he’s been putting his talents  to good use by creating an incredible series of Olympic Games art.  His Olympic art highlights many aspects of the Games, from the opening to the closing ceremonies, the cultures of the host cities and people, and the majesty and significance of Olympic competition.

Like the rest of his body of work, Fazzino’s Olympic Games art is colorful, intricately detailed, entertaining, and evocative.  For more than thirty years he has used his complex images to remind his audience of those moments in pop culture, entertainment, and at home, that move us and constitute a life well-lived.  His works are always celebratory and triumphant, and his Olympic series is no different.  From Asia and Europe to the Americas and Oceania, Fazzino has been there in gold-medal style, faithfully documenting and translating into his own unique fashion the athletes and the spectacle, all on display for the world to see.