New York City Pop Art

From the Empire State Building, to the Guggenheim Museum, and Central Park, Charles Fazzino’s New York pop art collection is bustling and bright, playful and passionate, mystical and magical.  The city’s history can be traced through three decades of Fazzino creations, which, when taken together, comprise one of the most comprehensive visual histories of “The Big Apple” ever assembled.

Just like the rest of Fazzino’s cityscape art, his New York compositions capture a moment in time forever. Legendary skylines and distinctive architecture give you the unique New York experience.


New York Streets Captured in Artwork

Blending sensory perceptions, Fazzino’s mixed media 3D artworks allow you to actually hear the noise of the overwhelming traffic as clearly as you can and the harmonies soaring from Broadway’s stages.  Snapshots of the Coney Island boardwalk, Little Italy, and Ellis Island call to mind family legacies, favorite memories, and historical milestones.  Just like Fazzino’s international art which captures the distinctive flavor of regions throughout the world, these New York City pieces sparkle with culture and life, leaping right off the page and drawing you right into the scene.