Charles Fazzino is inspired by the creative process, always striving to create something new and wonderful. Pop culture is constantly changing and while always trying to keep up with new trends, Fazzino is constantly experimenting with new works.

Charles Fazzino brings his own proprietary style and technique to the world of pop art. Relying on bright colors, whimsical themes, and an exceptional level of detail, his works are immediately recognizable, occupying a special space in our collective consciousness. Below are the latest releases from The Master of 3D Pop Art.

On this page, you will find works of art in a variety of different media including 3D limited edition silkscreens and giclees, mixed-media originals, and objects of art. Use the filters at the top of the gallery to sort the images by type and/or category to further limit your search.

New Releases

Along the East River

72" x 16"

3D limited edition die-sublimation & giclee on aluminum and paper

Misty Memories of Manhattan Skateboard

8" x 32"

3D Limited Edition Print on Authentic Skateboard Deck

Liberty and Justice for All

11" x 12"

3D limited edition silkscreen on paper

Midnight in Venice

15" x 34.5"

3D Limited Edition on Aluminum

High Above New York

19" x 14.5"

3D limited edition silkscreen on paper

High Over San Francisco

6.5" x 12.5"

3D Limited Edition Silkscreen on Paper

A Day at the Beach, NYC

23" x 10"

3D limited edition giclee on aluminum

Honk, Honk…Beep, Beep…Broadway

5" x 16"

3D limited edition giclee on paper and aluminum

New York Bronze Sculpture

8" x 10" x 5"

hand-painted, bronze and pewter sculpture