Check Out The New Heather Fazzino Launches Dynamic New Website

We are proud to announce that Heather Fazzino has launched a new website to accompany her latest collection of artwork. “I wanted to launch a new site because I feel that my work has gone through a rather radical transformation recently. My work still has a tribal feel to it but I’ve expanded my subject matter, and elevated the pathos of my style and technique. I thought it warranted a new presentation.”

Inspired by the love for her French and English Bulldogs, Heather began to incorporate them into a new series of stenciled works. Although she hasn’t strayed from her gothic roots, Heather’s latest creations also show a new and maturing fascination with our own human origins and the notion of mortality. Many of her earlier works reflected a “rimpa-style” of line art….detailed….chaotic….and a bit random. This latest collection features a more realistic feel with sophisticated¬† yet subtle lines and shadows.

“I’m very proud of the evolution that Heather’s work is undergoing,” said Charles Fazzino.¬† “I think that as she matures, so do her lines and compositions. I find her work to be very thought-provoking and while very different from my own, there is a definite sense of style, technique, and spirit. I think she’s on her way to making a name for herself and distinguishing herself as one of the strong artistic voices of her generation. In fact, we’ve collaborated on a few originals and I’m looking forward to doing more of that in the future.”

Her works are available both as limited edition and original works.

missy stencil-LR IndianHeadChief

U-0327 LR

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