3D Pop Art

Van Gogh Re-imagined in 3D

British artists Rob and Nick Carter have succeeded in merging the worlds of art and technology in a way that would have made even Michelangelo proud. We recently learned about their revolutionary technique in a CoolHunting Blog. Utilizing state of … Continue reading

New Release: Midnight in Vegas!

What Happens in Vegas – Stays in Vegas…Unless you’re Fazzino! This NEW Limited Edition 3D pop art on Aluminum brings the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada to you, in the comfort of your own home! You can see Elvis … Continue reading

New Release: Kawaii in Hawaii!

Aloha Fazzino Art Lovers! We introduce to you “Kawaii in Hawaii!” The new release that will put on a smile on your face that shines just like the sun in the sky! Fazzino brings his creative style to the already beautiful … Continue reading

Featured Artist: Melek Toraman

This past year, Charles was introduced to an incredibly talented artist by the name of  Melek Toraman. The two crossed paths while he was at his art exhibition at Gallery Mensing in Sylt, Germany. Fazzino was so impressed with Toraman’s work … Continue reading

New Release: Our Technology Takeover!

  Since you’re probably reading this blog from your smartphone (and not a newspaper), then we don’t have to tell you twice that this is the era of technological advances. Fazzino is showing you through this new Tech-Tastic piece “Our … Continue reading