Art Lesson Plans

We have long championed Arts Education in our schools and have been blogging about it for years. Now, we’re hoping to take it one step further by sharing some curriculum-based programs with the many teachers and parents out there who are looking for ways to inspire, nurture, and encourage their kids’ creative spirits.

We’ll offer ideas, interviews, and actual lesson plans from some of the best art teachers in the country. Please reach out if you have ideas for us or would like to contribute content or an interview. We’d love to hear from you.

Quarantine Art Coloring Doodles – Print Out & Color at Home

Everyone is finding different ways these days to keep their brains and their bodies active while they are staying at home. Obviously, we think creating art is one of the best ways to do that, and we want to make …


Art Challenge: Painting Wine Glasses

These days many of us need a way to keep ourselves occupied and engaged with activities. Art can provide so many benefits: it opens up the imagination and widens your eyes in a way that helps you be more observant, …


Art Challenge: Using Old Calendars for Art Projects

The new year is often a time for getting rid of old or outdated items around the house and calendars from the previous year certainly fit this list. Since they no longer serve their intended purpose and just seem like …


Art Challenge: Movie Inspired Art

Baseball season is in full swing and the MLB All-Star Game is just around the corner. Our next Art Challenge is baseball-themed and invites you to get inspired by your favorite kids movies to hit a HOME RUN! Here are some …


Cityscapes with Sixpenny Handley First School

We are delighted to share the latest Fazzino inspired 3D Pop Art works from the Sixpenny Handley First School. This has been an excellent addition to our Art Lesson Plan Series.    A Word From the Teacher – Ian Vost Our school …


Art Challenge: Watercolor Pineapple

Now that spring is officially upon us, the entire team at Fazzino is excited to experiment with tropical designs and vibrant colors to kick off warmer weather! If you could use a little help coming out of the winter blues …


Crayon Resist Watercolor Painting

Wax crayons have been around since the early 1900’s, and were created to be an educational tool for children to learn color. It is probably safe to say, almost every home with kids has a box of crayons floating around. …


Art Challenge: Make Your Own Foam Finger

Fazzino’s step by step guide on how to draw, construct, and decorate your own foam finger will help you cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots during Super Bowl LII!