Baseball season is in full swing and the MLB All-Star Game is just around the corner. Our next Art Challenge is baseball-themed and invites you to get inspired by your favorite kids movies to hit a HOME RUN!

Here are some ideas for creations  you can make using a baseball as your canvas. Make look-a-likes of your favorite characters. 

  • Sherlock Gnomes – Gnomeo, Juliet, Watson, Irene – so many to chose from. Use the baseball as the gnome face, nose or butt cheeks (hehe).
  • Frozen – Build Olaf the snowman 
  • The Bee Movie – Create a buzzin’ Barry B. 
  • ET – Aliens however you imagine them 
  • Monsters Inc. – Mike Wazowski is round like a baseball
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – Make the meatballs

The Bees Are Buzzing

We decided to go with a bee. Here is how we did it…

Supplies on a table including yellow and black felt, glue gun, paint, brushes for making a bee

What You Need

There are several different approaches you could take to making a bee; we chose to work with fabrics.   

  • Scissors
  • Chalk (for marking fabric)
  • Glue gun
  • 2 baseballs
  • Black marker or paint
  • Yellow paint
  • White paint
  • Brushes
  • Yellow (9×12) and black felt (9×12 and 11×16)
  • Black fur fabric
  • Pipe cleaners

Step 1

Paint the baseballs white. We pulled out a nuts can and plastic dressing cup from the recycle bin to set them on top of while they dry, so they don’t roll and get paint everywhere.

Two baseballs painted white sitting on top of a nuts can and dressing cup to dry

Step 2

Take the larger piece of felt (11×16) and using the length, fold into a triangle shape. You will have excess felt on the one side and a triangular flap in the front that can be tucked in. Be sure to leave enough of a pocket so that both of the baseballs fit snuggly side-by-side. 

Folding black felt into a triangular shape for the body of the bee

Step 3

Run the glue gun along the seam to secure the pieces together. You can also use glue stick or stitch it together with a needle and thread.

Using a gun to glue two pieces of felt together for the bee body

Step 4

Cut the excess felt off and tuck the top flap in.

Cutting the excess felt and tucking in the front flap

Step 5

Paint the yellow stripes on the body of the bee. It is best to start on one side and move around in a circle from both directions so you can line up the stripes easier. One crudely applied coat is sufficient so texture is created. 

Stripes of yellow paint being applies to black felt to look like the body of a bee

Step 6

Put two pieces of yellow felt together. Use the chalk to roughly sketch out the bee wings. 

Chalk on pieces of yellow felt drawn in the shape of a bee wing

Step 7

Cut out the wings and lay them out so the shapes are mirrored. Likely brush the white paint across the surface of the yellow felt. This will help give our wings some depth.

Two pieces of yellow felt shaped like bee wings with white paint lightly brushed on the surface

Step 8

Glue or stitch the wings to the body. 

Yellow felt bee wings glued to the yellow and black striped body

Step 9

Using a marker or paint, create the eyes on the baseballs. Use the texture from the stitching to create eyebrows, marking or painting over that surface. Be sure to position the baseballs properly if you want to take advantage of the stitching.

Once the marker or paint is dry, tuck the baseballs into the body of the bee. They should be nice and snug. You can glue them down if you want them to stay put better. If they are too lose, stick the felt on the corners until they hold in place.

Two baseball are used to create eyes on a bee

Step 10

Enjoy your bee indoors…

A bee made out of black and yellow felt with two baseball for the eyes

or outdoors…

A felt bee with baseballs for eyes perched on top of a stone bench in front of flowers

A felt bee with baseballs for eye perched on top of a green hedge with purple flowers in the background

A bee made out of felt with baseballs for eyes perched on top of a bird bath with flowers in front

To get the ideas flowing even more, check out some other artwork that was created using baseballs:

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Have a different movie themes idea? We would love to see it.

Don’t forget to share your artwork with us using the hashtag #FazzinoArtChallenge. 

Get Creating!




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