The countdown to the Super Bowl is officially ON! Whether you’re cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots, there are a ton of game day art activities to take advantage of. If your plans include standing out in the crowd chanting for your team, or throwing your own Super Bowl party, it’s time to get crafty and create your own themed foam finger for the big game. You can take on this art challenge before the game so you are ready to cheer when the kickoff happens, or set up an activity table for the kids to keep them engaged during the game.  

Supplies You’ll Need

  • Pencil and marker
  • Foam board or piece of insulation
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper or tissue paper
  • Glue stick, hot glue gun, or stapler
  • Colorful supplies to decorate (sparkles, markers, crayons, paint, stickers, etc.)

Step 1

Start off by drawing a hand. It’s important to remember the outline of your foam finger needs to be at least twice the size of your actual hand. A good point of reference is to use the entire width of your construction paper or foam.

Using drawing instructions to draw the base of the hand on a piece of orange foam

Step 2

Once you outline the fist of your own hand, add a 3-4 inch perimeter. This is the line you’ll cut along in Step 4.

Step 3

Before you begin to cut along the perimeter of your hand, remember to draw a finger standing upright to create a “#1” gesture.

Step 4

Cut out the foam or construction paper. To keep the pieces of foam from sliding as you cut, use masking tape or double sided tape to hold each piece together while cutting.

Using the cut out hand as a template to cut the other piece of foam

Step 5

Not it’s time to glue your two pieces of foam together to form a glove. If you don’t want your drawing lines to show, flip the foam over so they will be hidden inside. Keep in mind this will flip if it is a left or right hand!

Gluing two pieces of blue foam together with a glue gun
Tip: Add a popsicle stick or pipe cleaner to provide a bit more support in the finger of the hand.

Adding a popsicle stick to the finger part of the foam hand for support
Tip: If you have any overlapping pieces once the foam is glued in place, trim up the edges with a pair of scissors.

Trimming off the overlapping foam pieces for the hand

Step 6

Draw the remaining fingers using the drawing a hand exercise and color them in with markers, paint, or crayons. 

Drawing the fingers on a orange piece of foam shaped like a hand

Drawing knuckles on a blue foam finger

Step 7

Add your team’s colors, favorite player name, #1, and other personal touches to make your foam finger one of a kind to stand out in the stands.

Cutting out the number 1 in gold sparkle for foam finger

Coloring in the nails on a foam finger hand
Gluing down a gold sparkly #1 on a foam finger

Step 8

Give your foam finger time to dry if you used paint or glitter glue to decorate. Once everything is set and ready to go, you’re prepared to cheer for Super Bowl LII!

Orange and blue foam fingers cheering for their favorite team


Now that you’ve practiced drawing a hand and decorating your very own foam finger, do you feel up for this Fazzino Art Challenge? If so, we want to see what you’ve made. Share your foam finger creation on Instagram using #FazzinoArtChallenge as you cheer on your favorite team during this year’s Super Bowl LII!


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