20th Anniversary of Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk

I was recently asked by the Alzheimers Association in New York to create an image commemorating the 20th anniversary of their Memory Walk event. I was honored, especially since my own family has been touched by this terrible disease. They told me that more than 5 million Americans are afflicted with this disease. I was surprised to find out that many of them are under the age of 60. Every year, Alzheimer’s Associations all over the country run Memory Walks to raise funds for their organization…to fund the search for a cure and support the families of those suffering. This year’s walk in New York will take place on October 26th in Manhattan’s Riverside Park.

I created an official poster for the event….I decided to make the image in the round because the walk should really be a never-ending walk…at least until we find a cure! The design is also being printed on a scarf by Echo. You can earn the scarf and the posters by raising funds as a walker, but you can also purchase the poster outright to benefit the organization by emailing us at info@fazzinocollectors.com.

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  1. craig says:

    contest entry-
    I am so impressed not only by the fantastic artistry of Charles but by the way he and his team participate outside of the commercial business in so many philanthropic events and related charities such as this one. One of our family members has recently been inflicted with the “memory disease” and so it helps to see how many real artists are working for cures for these illnesses. Thank you to the Fazzino team!!

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