3D Pop Art Fazzino Helmet on ESPN

I had a fun day yesterday….ESPN host Trey Wingo had asked me to create one of my 3-D hand-painted football pop art helmets for his NFL Live Show. I finally finished it and delivered it up to the studios yesterday. I had the opportunity to meet Trey in person for the first time – what a GREAT guy! He gave us a tour of the ESPN facility. They have 10 buildings up there in Bristol, CT and it’s like a little village all to itself. I saw the old studios and the new studios and studios i couldn’t even tell you the purpose of! The way they move in the baseball “fields’ and the basketball “courts” is just amazing. The technology is very cool.


Anyway, Trey unveiled the helmet on the show last night at midnight and then again this afternoon on the 4pm broadcast and i was flattered by what he said. I hope he and the cast enjoy it for a long time to come!






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2 responses to “3D Pop Art Fazzino Helmet on ESPN”

  1. Pop Art says:

    Probably the first 3d canvas i’ve seen but I’m impressed, its strange how pop art is known for only being displayed on canvas, but this goes to show pop art is art no matter how shown.

  2. admin says:

    Pop art can be anything….anything visual that reflects the popular culture and tone of the times!

    Thanks for your comment!

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