A Surprise Pop Art Visitor From Finland!

In my New Year's Blog, i wrote about how having my pop art shown in Finland for the first time in 2008 was the culmination of a lifelong dream for me…and for my mother :-). Well, yesterday, we had a wonderful visitor in the studio…Tuule Makinen of Galleria Dix in Helsinki….she was in the United States visiting her sister and some friends and she came to the studio with her friend – famous Finnish jazz musician Hannu Vihunen. I had met Tuule in Finland because she is the wonderful gallery owner who took the chance on my work and found it successful. She is planning another exhibition in 2009 and now has a steady Fazzino pop art collection on display in her gallery.

What a firecracker! I gave her a tour of the studio, showed her how my art is created, and brainstormed some new pieces for the Finnish market. She also filled me in a little more about what to expect in Pori when i attend the Pori Jazz Festival as the official artist in July.

Our conversation was interestingly universal. It was very interesting to talk to her about…well..the art of selling art. It really is the same all over the world. Art is a passion. And selling it and marketing it are really nothing more than expressing your own passion for an artist or a piece of art. Tuule talked about how she tries to related to her customers. She knows when something “speaks” to them…when a piece of art elicits an emotional response…that art appreciation is all about finding yourself IN the artwork…it's about your own experience rendered in the artwork. So selling artwork isn't about “selling” at all. It's about matching people with works that are meant for them….works that make them feel something….it's spiritual.

That's the kind of person i want representing my artwork. She understands why i paint….what i'm trying to achieve…that connection…the relationship i want to build between my artwork and the collector….Thank you Tuule!


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2 responses to “A Surprise Pop Art Visitor From Finland!”

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  2. Tuule Makinen says:

    Dear Charles, It was so good to see you in New York and thank you for the lunch and for the time you shared with us. You have good plans for this year and i can not wait to see you here in Helsinki next summer. Your work is so different from others and here at my gallery people notice it right away.I sold one piece again last week. Welcome anyone to visit my gallery in Helsinki, Finland, Uudenmaankatu 19, 00120 Helsinki. We are so happy about your new, handsome presidentin U.S.A.! We have a woman president in Finland. Wish you all a colorful year 2009 ! tuule mäkinen gallerist gallery dix

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