Art Expo Preparations

Got back from Tampa on Monday and SLAM…right into the final preparations for Art Expo….we’ll be at the Jacob Javits Center from Feb 26-March 2nd. My studio looks like a hurricane hit it…but we’re coming up with some really cool things that i’m excited about. Today, i was working with my staff to put together a 3-D Diorama/Sculpture/…..i’m not sure WHAT to call it yet…of the lower east side of manhattan. Never done anything like this before and i can’t even tell you where the idea came from. It’s changed form at least three times during the creative process…..but i’m loving the way it’s coming together.

I’ll have more than 15 of my new Uniques at Expo and will be formally debuting the plexiglass sculptures i’ve been blogging about. And then, of course, there’s Heather’s new “Crook Couture” collection. I’ll give you a few sneak previews here during the coming two weeks. In the meantime, here’s the diorama chaos from today. Enjoy!



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4 responses to “Art Expo Preparations”

  1. Christian Baehr says:

    Dear Charles,

    I like this 3-D Diorama/Sculpture.
    It is an abbsolutly great idea.
    Please tell me, how does it work?

  2. CFazzino says:

    Hello Christian,
    Isn’t it wild? I’ve never done anything like it. It’s Red Grooms-inspired. I want to get into larger pieces…sculptural pieces…It’s four canvases screwed together to make a 3-sided sculpture….each side is built out like my 3-D canvases. I will post more pictures when it’s finished. The front is almost 3.5 feet across and the “legs” extend back 2 feet. The top layer is hard to see at this point. But you’ll be able to see more of it in my next round of pictures. Then you’ll really be able to see it coming together.


  3. Chrsitian Baehr says:

    Dear Charles,
    thank you very much for your explanations. I am very curious about your new pictures. I think that you usher in a new era of your fantastic ARTWORK.

  4. LeJuan George says:


    Definitely a unique piece! Much success to you and the staff. Do keep us posted about all of your additions. The more we have from you, THE BETTER!

    LeJuan/ Huntsville, AL

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