3D Art New Release: It’s a Dog Day Afternoon

Here’s a Fazzino for all you dog-lovers out there. This latest 3D pop art release is titled “It’s A Dog Day Afternoon.” It’s the first animal-themed print released in years and follows on the heels of the very popular Dogs on a Hot Tin Ruff Ruff (1998 Release), New York’s the Cat’s Meow ( 1996 release) and The Cat Suite (2001 release). Charles Fazzino had to narrow down his choice of breeds for this piece, but you don’t. Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery or email us at info@fazzinocollectors for information on how you can personalize in your favorite pooch!



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8 responses to “3D Art New Release: It’s a Dog Day Afternoon”

  1. steve says:

    interested in dog day afternoon. please send me specifics

  2. Julie Johansen says:

    Hi – I’m very interested in this artwork. What is the size and is it possible to buy online with shipping to Denmark, Europe?
    Thanks in advance, Julie

  3. Deborah Wood says:

    Want Dog Day Afternoon. Where can I find one for sale please?

  4. Sue Schor says:

    Need info on Dg Day Afternoon and how to put our own pictures into it.

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