Batman contemporary art is a hit….and the glitter too!

I made my first appearance for Choice Collectibles over the weekend. They have exclusively commissioned me to do a limited edition celebrating the 70th anniversary of Batman. The piece was a little bit of a challenge. It took me awhile to meld the dark ominous feeling of Gotham with my standard color palette. I’m very happy with the way the piece came out and it was very well-received at the show.


I find that when i do shows in places for the first time, i am asked a lot of questions by collectors that i haven’t fielded in awhile. This weekend, the big question, was where i got the idea to use the glitter in all my pieces. Well, i’ll share a little secret with you. It was a mistake! Many years ago, i bought some glue and glitter to cover up a cutting mistake i made in one of my pieces…i used the glue to cover the crack and then added some colored glitter to it to hide the glue. People LOVED it…so, that’s how my use of glitter was born…i found the glitter i used now which is actually glitter already suspended in acrylic paint and i started using it to embellish all of my images. It’s worked out great and contributes to the “glitz” of my artwork. Sometimes making mistakes is a good thing!




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3 responses to “Batman contemporary art is a hit….and the glitter too!”

  1. amypoodle says:

    making minstakes is definitely a good thing. as mr brian eno said: ‘honour thy error as a hidden intention’.

  2. Virna "Girls gotta to have it." says:

    When I first saw the concept upclose of batman in 3D at Choice Collectables show< I was a little worried. I thought that you might make batman look like a "Sissy" with the glitter. I must say I proudly own one of the pieces and it looks great. I have it in my bedroom and I love it.

  3. Wow that artwork sure is amazing! I miss my childhood times!

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