Art Collectors Mail Bag

Collector’s Mailbag: Colin Taylor

Mar 26, 2015

Aspiring artist and friend Colin Taylor sent us some samples of his work recently. Colin is a very talented young artist, who in fact, his honing some of his skills working for Charles Fazzino’s art studio assembling Fazzino limited editions. …


A Visit To Fazzino Studios: An Essay by Sarah Q

Mar 05, 2015

We recently had a very special guest in the studio….budding artist and inquisitive student, Sarah Q. She came to the studio because she had a school assignment to do a report on a famous artist and she chose Charles Fazzino. …


Collectors Mailbag: John Wright

Feb 03, 2015

Our good friend John Wright recently shared with us his collection of historical drawings. As the Director of the Thomas Paine Cottage and Museum in New Rochelle, John has continued to cultivate his love for history. He holds a Bachelor …


An Interview with Inspiring Art Educator: Vincent D.

Jul 11, 2014

We recently met art teacher, cartoonist, and freelancer Vincent. Read the interview below and his talents and passions reveal themselves. We need more dedicated art professional like Vincent who recognize the value of art in our culture and our society …


Collectors Mailbag: Emily Frank

Jun 13, 2014

High school student Emily Frank recently sent me some examples of her work. What a wonderful young talent! Her portfolio of graphic design and brand identification is ambitious and impressive. A true entrepreneur, she created her own brand, “Classic Flashback” …


Fazzino Pop Art Collectors Mailbag – Gabriel Randazzo

Dec 27, 2013

We recently heard from our friend Gabriel who sent us pictures of the college senior project he just completed. Best to let him give us his inspiration in his own words: “Thank you for your interest in my work and …


Arts Education Interview: Meet Art Educator Brian Fitzgerald

Jun 27, 2013

This is the second in an ongoing series of profiles we’re presenting on Art Educators around the world. It’s all part of Charles Fazzino’s push to support the arts in our schools. “The teachers are on the front lines,” says …


Shape Community Life, NATO Military Base Magazine Press – 5/2013

Jun 17, 2013

On the heels of his work for the recently completed Warrior Games, Charles Fazzino was recently featured in SHAPE Community Life, the magazine for the NATO Base in Brussels, Belgium. The article was written by our good friend Michael Adubato …