Charles Fazzino and his daughter Heather recently completed their first artistic collaboration together. Titled “Tagging the Big Apple,” it combines Charles Fazzino’s 3D pop art approach with the street art/grafitti style of his daughter’s work. “I got the idea for us to work together from one of my dealers who is really into graffiti art,” said Charles Fazzino. “He asked me to do some graffiti-looking art, but in my 3D style. He’s really into the whole Banksy thing. So, I turned to Heather and asked her to help me come up with a concept. Well, not only did she help me, we ended up collaborating on the piece and working together on it. It was a lot of fun, so we’re planning for this to be the first in a series of works. The next set of pieces will be called “Junkyard Dog” and will be based on Heather’s new bulldog named Missy.”

Heather’s contributions have given Charles’s work an almost edgy feel. The primitive and free-flowing background that Heather created brings a more serious feel to her father’s work.  In an experimental yet sophisticated manner, the Fazzino’s have managed to morph the two genres of street art and pop art into one…and the result is magical!

U-0327 LR



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