New Release: Fazzino Pop Art Goes Monochromatic

I spent A LOT of time on airplanes…..traveling all over the world. So, i try to use that time well….i do a lot of brainstorming on planes. On my way back from a recent trip to Europe, i had an idea….to depart from my usually vibrant color palette and experiment with monochromatic 3-D limited edition prints.

I drew a bunch of concepts while traveling over the Atlantic. After several failed attempts back in the studio with shades of grey, i thought about the notion of using only white. I was skeptical but decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that when i used the right composition and the right level of detail, the cut, 3D images began to come to life. Then i tried using only black and i added Swarovski Crystals to both pieces. I ended up with the diptych shown below…..definitely difficult to photograph. However, when the lighting is right, the shadow effect is incredible. Despite the lack of color, the images are strikingly vibrant and alive. I just love them and am looking forward to doing more pieces along these lines.

In the meantime, I’m proud to release this first diptych of images: “A White Winter Weekend in NYC” and “A Dark Winter Weekend in NYC.” They can be hung individually or together and are available from all authorized Fazzino galleries now. Let me know what you think!


Charles Fazzino newest pop art release of New York City done Monochromatic in all different shades of black Charles Fazzino newest pop art release of New York City done Monochromatic in all different shades of white

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2 responses to “New Release: Fazzino Pop Art Goes Monochromatic”

  1. Jürgen Junker says:

    Dear. Charles,

    As we are big fans of you ( already have the Broadway, Sylt, We are the World, Manhatten in Aluminium and a special drawing of you in the Mensing Gallery Sylt, we today bought 4/100 of Clouds and Rays of White over New York. It looks fantastic and I just wonder if there is a story behind that monochrome drawing.

    Many thanks and best regards,

    Jürgen Junker

    • julie says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Jürgen! You have some wonderful Fazzino pieces in your collection. The Clouds and Rays of white is very special. It was on a trip to Germany that Charles thought of the idea of trying to create a relief-type work out of his compositions…something with a lot of detail but not a lot of color. He experimented for months and the Clouds and Rays of White was the result! We hope you enjoy it!!

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