We recently heard from Ed, whose granddaughter Tess has become quite the young artist! In his letter to us, Ed proudly writes:

“Our granddaughter, Tess, has always been intrigued with Charles’ art and its construction.  Recently Tess entered an art exhibition in her Larchmont Middle School (she is twelve years old).  Her artwork was based on a scenic “construction” of memories derived during a summer visit to Coney Island in Brooklyn.  From the photographs I took, you can see Tess utilized her three-dimensional style of artwork based upon your concepts.

Her design was first sketched on the canvas, then painted as a “base level.”  She then she used “push pins” to elevate little cutout pieces to the “second level.”  Her final result so impressed the middle school teachers that she was awarded a first place honor!  After it was exhibited in the school, Tess presented the artwork to us, her grandparents.  We then got the artwork framed, and it proudly hangs on a wall in our house.”

Ed, we most certainly think you should be a very proud grandfather. We were so impressed by Tess’s ability to communicate her message through her artwork. Her technique notwithstanding, her works hows a great deal of thought and ingenuity, and a maturity beyond her years. Charles Fazzino is flattered by her homage to his work and we all hope that Tess keeps painting and creating! We can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

Thank you for submitting her work to our blog!

Coney Island Tess

coney island-3D

coney isl construction detail


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