Congratulations Super Bowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers!!!

What an exciting game! I’ve only just returned to the studio after an incredible Super Bowl week…and the Green Bay Packers are World Champions! I’m so excited for my friends Kate, Pam, and Aaron…all of the folks with whom I worked on the 50th Anniversary Lambeau Field artwork a few years ago. Hopefully, i’ll get to go to Green Bay and celebrate with them! For more on the football art collection and to see the Lambeau Field artwork, visit the football page on my website. Then call your favorite Fazzino authorized gallery OR the Packers Pro Shop to get your limited edition art. My studio is starting to ship them out next week.




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  1. Mark says:

    Where can I purchase the Green Bay Packers art. Ian a big fan. My cousin Cindy Cichon also lovesyour work. She is a Chicago fan. I have limited funds do to injuries I sustained while in combat while in the Army

    Thank you

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