David LaFerriere is a true artist. Artists use their creativity to express themselves and connect with others. Everyday since 2008, David has sent his kids off to school with a new artwork…drawn on their sandwich bags. Turning everyday items into artwork is what pop art is all about. This is one of the best examples of that I’ve found. And it’s created by a dad who’s only intention was to connect with his children. He’s done that…and so much more.

Sandwich Bag Art Resonates All Over The World

So far, David has created more than 1,000 pieces of sandwich bag art, each of which he photographs and puts up on his flickr feed.  His “sandwich bag art” has been featured on The View and in blogs all over the world, including Europe and South America. He’s even been featured on the Sharpie Marker blog….his tool of choice. Art is a language….this art appears to be a universal language. Great job, David!

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