Fazzino 3D Pop Art and Mercedes….together in Oslo!

If you happen to be in Olso, Norway in the next few days, stop by the Mercedes-Benz dealership. They are unveiling the new E Class Cabriolet there …. and having an exhibition of my artwork featuring the piece I recently titled “Get Your Kicks…on Route 66.” My work has actually been featured in a few luxury car dealerships in Europe the last few years and i’m thrilled to be partnering with Mercedes on this one. Great Car!

Here is the information about the exhibition:

Bertel O. Steen Autostern
Klaus Torgårdsvei 3
Phone +47 22186700
Located close to Ullevål Stadion
Open today till 7 pm
Friday 8am – 5 pm
Saturday 8am – 3pm



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2 responses to “Fazzino 3D Pop Art and Mercedes….together in Oslo!”

  1. Sherry Sloan says:

    I am interested in the
    get Your Kicks Route 66. Please email me information on it

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