Fazzino Arts Education Initiative – Stranahan High School

I wanted to share with you an incredible project i have been a part of the last couple of months. I recently completed the official artwork for the centennial celebration for the city of Fort Lauderdale, FL. While down there for meetings with the centennial committee, i was introduced to Francine Klauber and Marlene Armstrong from the Broward County School District. They explained to me that a few of the schools in the area had applied for grants to take part in educational art projects as part of the centennial. They asked me if i would mentor a couple of them. I was honored to be asked, but skeptical as to how it all might work, seeing as the schools are in FLORIDA and i’m located in NEW YORK….hmmmm….not an easy task. But i agreed to help out and i am so glad that i did!!!


I have been working with Nancy Green at Stranahan High School and Brian Fitzgerald at Fort Lauderdale High School to direct them and their students in the creation of some incredible works of 3D pop art. Both projects are progressing nicely and i’m so impressed with what the teachers AND the students have accomplished. Today, i’d like to share with you what’s happening at Stranahan…..


The students at Stranahan High School are in the process of creating a 3D mural measuring about 20 feet wide by 12 feet tall. The mural captures the essence and history of Fort Lauderdale and is modeled on my 3D style and technique. The mural itself is a historical perspective and the students have contributed the drawings for most of the buildings and elements used to convey that history. The background is being painted on the wall, while the 3D elements are being cut out, with the help of a professional carpenter, on pieces of plywood. The students plan to hang the 3D elements in front of the mural to give it that multi-dimensional effect.


The last piece of puzzle will be a mobile…or Dream Catcher….that will hang in front of the mural suspended from the ceiling. A tribute to the Native American heritage so much a part of Fort Lauderdale, the Dream Catcher will consist of elements created by the students to celebrate the role that the arts have played in the history of Fort Lauderdale.


I’ve worked with the students on the technique and the composition and i’m so proud of the progress that i have seen. I was informed by Nancy Green earlier today, that the final piece will be ready to be unveiled in as little as 13 days from now. I can’t believe all that they have accomplished. I’m grateful to the Broward Education Foundation for providing the grants that made both of these projects possible and i’m so proud to be involved with them. I plan to be in Fort Lauderdale towards the end of March and will celebrate the completion of these very ambitious projects with the talented kids who completed them.


Here are some photos of the project in progress…..


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  1. Dear Mr. Fazzino, Thank you for taking the time and interest to work with our students at Ft. Lauderdale and Stranahan High Schools. It is so beneficial for young students to have the opportunity to receive guidance from an artist of your high calibur. What a great opportunity for them. They are our hope for keeping the arts alive and valued in the future. Thank you.
    Maureen Dinnen, District 3, Broward County School Board

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  3. […] On Friday, March 25th, Fazzino will visit Fort Lauderdale High School, where he will spend some time with the Brian Fitzgerald’s art students as they continue to make progress on their pop fusion Fort Lauderdale mural. In the evening, he will attend the unveiling of the Dream Catcher mural he has consulted on, created by the talented students at Stranahan High School. […]

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