Fazzino at the 20th Anniversary of Memory Walk

Well, Jaime Cancel (Charles Fazzino's Art Director) and I filled in for Charles at the 20th Anniversary Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk today. Charles is in Europe doing shows in Germany and one in France. He was disappointed that he couldn't be at the Walk, but his schedule is often set a year in advance. Jaime and I were proud to be there representing him, and showing and selling his official poster for the event. We had the posters and the limited edition fine art, and the Alzheimer's Association has produced some really nice note card sets and mousepads from the artwork. More than 3,000 people participated in the Walk and before they even started today, they announced that they had already raised more than $700,000 for Alzheimer's research and care. They were shooting for a new record and were pretty sure they were going to reach it.

The Memory Walk Weather Magic took effect too. Yesterday, we had torrential rains here in NY but today was absolutely gorgeous. Most people finished the walk in short sleeves and some were even in shorts. The speeches were very motivating and the crows was very upbeat. Lou-Ellen Barkan, the President and CEO of the New York Chapter of the Alzheimers Association did a fantastic interview on WABC TV this morning and you can see it here: http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=news&id=6470403

And here's Jaime at the walk:

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7 responses to “Fazzino at the 20th Anniversary of Memory Walk”

  1. David F says:

    Wow, that was a great update! Very informative. It’s great to know what Charles is up to.

  2. Jo-Ellen Ashby says:

    Thank you for all your help and support w/this heartbreaking disease.
    I have lost my godmother and am now watching her son struggle daily.

    I am writing this note as an entry to the raffle of your Fazzino mousepad to remember all the good work toward 10/26 success.


    Jo-Ellen Ashby

  3. Erica Lewis says:

    “Contest Entry”

    Dear Mr. Fazzino,

    I cannot tell you what a joy it was to read all about your involvement with the Alzheimer’s Association.

    Sadly, I’ve come from a long line of family members who have been plagued with this disease and I have seen how it has not only darkened the lives of my loved ones, but the lives of everyone around them. In turn, I can only say that the use of your art in promoting this cause is brilliant; both literally and metaphorically.

    The stunning pieces that you create are a beacon of light. With your use of vibrant colors, multi dimensions, and exciting themes, it is impossible to walk by and not take notice. In which case, I have no doubt that your posters, notecards, and mousepads brought a tremendous amount of attention to and fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association. At the same time, I am certain that your creativity also brought (and will continue to bring) many smiles to the faces of those who have been affected by Alzheimer’s. Whether it was a small piece of a picture that brought forth a memory, or the excitement of seeing such an unusual piece of art; your work has brought tremendous light to those who live in darkness.

    On behalf of everyone who has been affected by Alzheimer’s Disease I thank you profusely for all you have done and all that you continue to do.

    With warmest regards,

  4. Stacey Archip says:

    “Contest Entry”

    I really love all the amazing charity work y’all do. Thanks so much!


  5. Charles Fazzino says:

    Thanks for your comments David, Jo-Ellen, Erica, and Stacey. I have always wanted to use my artwork as a vehicle for raising funds for causes that matter…Alzheimer’s is especially important to me. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s in the 1970’s. My whole family shared in the burden of taking care of her. My sister and I spent a lot of time with her while my mom and dad were busy with their careers. She stayed at home for as long as we could keep here there…when she couldn’t do the simple things to take care of herself, we had to put her into a nursing home…she struggled for almost 12 years..and without the drugs they have today.

    Unfortunately, my dad also came down with Alzheimer’s at teh age of 82. The disease manifested itself differently and at a different pace than my grandmother because we got him started early on the drug cocktail with Aricept and Nemenda.

    It scares me…this horrible disease…it scares me for myself and everyone around me. I plan to get involved even more on a national level with this cause to see if i can help at all.


  6. Ira Biderman says:

    Contest Entry
    My mother passed away after having Alzheimer’s for 8 years, I appreciate all the work that Charles Fazzino is doing.

  7. Ira Biderman says:

    I know how you feel,my mother came down with it at age 68. During her last 3 years of life, she was like a vegetable, no responses at all. She did pass awayon my birthday in 1998, I looked at it like her gift to me, showing her suffering was finally over

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