May Your Pearly Whites Shine So Bright

In celebration of National Dentist Day, Charles Fazzino has released a new 3D limited edition: “May Your Pearly Whites Shine So Bright.” This is his latest tongue-in-cheek take on the dental profession. This is in addition to his long line of dental-themed artwork that spans back to the early 2000s. And to think it all started with a trip to the dentist’s office. As Charles tells it,

“My cousin was my dental hygienist. One day, while I was laid back in her chair, having my teeth cleaned, she asked me why I hadn’t yet done any artwork about dentistry? Unable to answer at that exact moment in time due to a mouth full of dental equipment, I really couldn’t answer her which gave me time to think. I sat back in the chair daydreaming about the time when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed, that gas was way too good… Wanting to recreate that feeling,  I quickly realized that it would be a lot of fun to convey what I was going through in art form. The first dental-inspired piece I did was called “Dentasia” and there have been many more since then. They’ve all been a lot of fun to create.”

A Collection of Dental Art

Here are some of the most popular Fazzino releases that are dental art-inspired. Starting with his original, “Dentasia”

Charles Fazzino first original dental arts artwork "Dentasia"

Dentasia, 1995


Hunting Cavities By Day, a Looney Tunes inspired dental arts pop art piece by Charles Fazzino

Hunting Cavities by Day, 2004


A Dose of Dental Hyjinx by Charles Fazzino - a dental arts pop art piece


A Dose of Dental Hyjinx, 2014


For More Dental Arts Pop Art

Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Teachers, Stock Brokers, Bankers, Real Estate Agents…and more. Fazzino celebrates you all! Looking for more dental arts-inspired work by Fazzino? Check out his collection of artwork dedicated to your workplace!

Please contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery or email us at for more information about “May Your Pearly Whites Shines so Bright” or any other Fazzino artwork.


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