Fazzino and Fazzino Make their Mark on NYC

Charles Fazzino and his daughter Heather have been working together creating one of a kind originals that have been sold around the world for years now, and finally they have created their first collaborative Limited Edition 3D print called” Tagging the Big Apple.”  The piece seamlessly blends Heather’s edgy street-art style with Charles’s narrative New York cityscape. The result is a dramatic composition combining both flowing and coarse lines, and a stark black and white color palette. With each collaborative piece they do together, it becomes more obvious that talent, without a doubt, runs in the Fazzino family. 


Tagging the Apple
 11″ x 14.5″


Words from the Fazzinos


“Creativity and Art is something that my parents passed down to me and now, I feel I have passed down to my daughter Heather. Both of my parents were artists in their own way. My father was a shoe designer for Ferigamo and my mother a jewelry maker and avid crafter. This opportunity to start producing work collaboratively with Heather and for her to create her own artwork has been something I’ve waited for my entire life. It’s very exciting for me.” – Charles Fazzino

“My Father has always been someone I could look up to, and to be honest I never really appreciated him more than I do now, nor did I realize just how much I want to be like him. But, DON’T tell him that! This opportunity to work with him showed me how well we create together. Our similarities and our differences have also brought out some new forms of art that I don’t even think my father knew he had in him.  The two of us together are a great team and I can’t wait to release more collaborative originals and limited editions!” – Heather Fazzino 


Past Fazzino Collaborations 


A painted bulldog in front of a black and grey New York City skyline - Missy's New York  done by Charles and Heather Fazzino


U- 0481 Missy’s New York 
30″ x 30″
Available for Purchase

A black and white dog with a red white and blue bandanna with the Eiffel Tower and Paris skyline in the background - Olivier in Paris done by Charles and Heather Fazzino


U- 0387 Olivier in Paris
36″ x 36″
Available for Purchase


Two Chihuahuas, one black and white and one tan sitting on a beach with the Miami skyline in the background - Chihuahuas in Miami by Charles and Heather Fazzino


U- 0415  Chihuahuas in Miami  
34″ x 34″
Available for Purchase


A black and grey city skyline inside of a golden apple - Golden Apple Collaboration  done by Charles and Heather Fazzino


U- 0480  Golden Apple Collaboration  
34″ x 34″
Available for Purchase


A slip face of Batman and The Joker with New York City and Gotham City in the background The Clash of the Gotham Rivals done by Charles and Heather Fazzino


U- 0456 The Clash of the Gotham Rivals – Sold
40″ x 20″


Purchase Information 

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