What is it about artists and music? Not to stereotype, but do you know an artist who works without music? We’re sure they are out there but we don’t know any. Classical, Rock, Jazz….they usually have something blaring. (Here’s a secret…..with Fazzino, it’s usually dance music!). But so many artists take it a step farther and allow the music to inspire their artwork. One of Pablo Picasso’s earliest works was his guitar-themed sculpture, created literally from paper and string. It was like no other sculpture before it and became the basis for one of his most famous series of works. Maybe in tribute to his favorite Master (and maybe not….) Charles Fazzino found a way to adapt the guitar to his own purposes about 5 years ago. And he hasn’t stopped painting on them since.

“There has always has been a close connection between the visual artist and the musical artist,” said Fazzino. “We are both storytellers. So I figured why not tell my musical story on an instrument used by a musical artist. Guitars, actually, are the perfect shape because they provide a nice broad canvas to work on. And the thick sides are a perfect vehicle for my 3D elements. There is a fluidity between art and music so it’s natural to create are on musical instruments. I’ve had a lot of fun with it. It’s stretched the boundaries of my creativity and has certainly made for some challenging compositions. I was even commissioned to create one commemorating the career of rock star Suzie Quatro. That was a blast!”

Fazzino has painted acoustic and electric guitars. Themes have ranged from the Beatles to Classic Rock and Roll, to Jazz, and even Country Music. Each one comes with a a beautiful custom pedestal and display case and each is a one-of-a-kind creation.






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