3D Pop Art New Release: Mouth Under Construction

Some of Charles Fazzino’s most popular images have been those depicting dentistry and the dental profession. In fact, the artist has made a specialty out of capturing many different professions – doctors, lawyers, accountants, and more…which have all been the subject of Fazzino creations.

New Addition to Fazzino Workplace Art

The latest addition to the collection is “Mouth Under Construction,” a whimsical and sightly cartoonish montage of snapshots and images about being a dentist. It’s fun and light-hearted, yet smacks of Fazzino’s typical tongue-in-cheek humor. It will be available as a 3D limited edition pop art in early October. To order one, contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery for purchasing information or drop us an email at info@fazzinocollectors.com.

Image of a Fazzino art new release called Mouth Under Construction, its an image of a mouth and little dentist people cleaning the teeth

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5 responses to “3D Pop Art New Release: Mouth Under Construction”

  1. J. Matthew Stacy, Jr. says:

    I am interested in Mouth under Construction. What is price and do you have any other dental pieces?

  2. maurice says:


    Want to know price 3-D


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