David Hyde Pierce Will Host This Year’s Alzheimer’s Association Gala at the Pierre Hotel in New York

I’ll be at the annual Alzheimer’s Association, NYC Chapter’s “Forget-Me-Not” gala on Monday, June 1 at the Pierre Hotel. I have created an official artwork for the event that will be auctioned to raise funds for Alzheimer’s care and research. I’ve blogged about this insidious disease before and how it affects so many millions of people in this country and abroad. I’ve been personally touched, as both my father and grandmother succumed to the disease. Alzheimer’s Disease can be classified as an epidemic…and there IS no cure. Every 70 seconds someone in the US develops the disease…so i urge you to join me…in whatever way you can…monetarily (donate $$)…or physically (help someone who has the disease or someone supporting someone who does)….to support those who live with this nightmare day in and day out…and to help work towards effective treatments and cures.

I created the official artwork for the gala ….A Walk in the Park….to symbolize the cycle of life. The Tree of life at its core sympbolizes how life starts and ends ….and all the phases in between. It’s my hope that someday, this disease will simply be a walk in the park, marked only by temporary and/or minimal impairment for the victims AND their loved ones.

Thank you!




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