Fazzino Pop Art Tour with Michael Godard Kicks Off in Houston

Last weekend, i was at Off the Wall Gallery in Houston, Texas to kick off a new tour i’m doing. It’s a two man show titled “The Legends of Pop Art: The Next Generation” and pairs my artwork with that of painter Michael Godard. It was a great success and i have to tell you….Michael Godard is the nicest guy! What a great heart! His art and mine really work together fantastically in a gallery setting. We’re both fun…colorful…whimsical…and pop! Interestingly enough, despite Michael’s reference to us being “twins separated at birth” on one of our television interviews, i think it’s fairly obvious from the picture below that we come off on opposite ends of the spectrum. He has a tremendous wit and is quick on his feet. I guess you would describe me as a more “classic” sort…but we had a great time together and i am honored to be touring with him.


Make sure you catch our next appearance together at R Roberts Gallery in Jacksonville and in April, we’ll be at the Russell Collection Gallery in Austin, TX. You can get all the details on https://www.fazzino.com/art-blog/category/events-appearances/. We’ll be showing the collaborative artwork we created together…you can see it below. It’s an original painting and a limited edition. And the galleries will be full of hundreds of our creations. Hope to see you there!


Rock On! 🙂







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2 responses to “Fazzino Pop Art Tour with Michael Godard Kicks Off in Houston”

  1. Timmy McLoughlin says:

    I was very fortunate to attend the Houston show and simply had one of the best days imaginable. There are no nicer people or more talented artists then Charles Fazzino and Michael Godard. The collection of their art was stunning, so many fantastic pieces in one place was worth spending a full afternoon gazing. Both men were so cordial, funny and made all feel special. Without a doubt meeting the “Superstar” and the “Rock Star” of modern Pop Art is a once in a lifetime experience. Julie M. Rocks too!

  2. Robin Wagner says:

    I was out of town, but I didn’t know about it, otherwise I would have sent some friends to see it for me! How cool that would have been. I love Fazzino’s work and Godard’s looks like fun, too! So glad you decided to come to Houston – please don’t make it the last, okay?!!

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