Fazzino Pop Art with an International Flair – Norway

Well, i just got back this afternoon from Pori, Finland where we had a great exhibition….I even met the President of Finland….more on that later…with Pictures! 🙂


But even before we get to Finland, I want to congratulate one of my long-time representatives in NORWAY. Gallery Albin Upp, a wonderful gallery in Oslo, recently held an exhibition to celebrate ten years of exhibiting my work. They were the first in Scandinavia to show my work and i made my first appearance there ten years ago. I can’t believe it was that long ago.


The Public Affairs Officer from the US Embassy attended the show and was presented with one of my works by my Norwegian representative, Olav Holm.


So, if you ever get to Oslo, make sure you visit Gallery Albin Upp – Kunstcompagniet!



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One response to “Fazzino Pop Art with an International Flair – Norway”

  1. LeJuan George says:

    Charles, this is a great picture that you have shown here. I own this same piece, “From Sea To Shining Sea.” Seeing that your art is international, I think you need to do a piece and title it, “All Around The World.” All of us Fazzino fans could only imagine what you could create and of course the size of the piece too. Hmmm, give that some thought! 🙂

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