Fazzino Showroom Opens in Helsinki, Finland

I am so excited to report to you that my friend Tuule has opened a gallery in Helsinki, Finland dedicated to showing my artwork exclusively! I have known Tuule for several years now and she already has a gallery called Galleria Dix. I’ve blogged about her gallery before and have been there for a few very well-received shows.


Now, she’s decided to open up a gallery called Fazzino Showroom down the street. She has spent most of the summer months rennovating, decorating, and hanging and now the gallery is officially open! I hope to get there in the near future to see it for myself. I must admit that my mother (of Finnish descent for those of you who haven’t been following my blog :-)) is bursting with pride. I am definitely proud myself…to have my name on the marquis of a gallery in Helsinki.


If you’re in the area, please do stop by. Here is the contact information:


Fazzino Showroom

Uudenmaankatu 19-21

00120 Helsinki, Finland



Phone – +358-400-282828



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4 responses to “Fazzino Showroom Opens in Helsinki, Finland”

  1. Kimi Tiilikainen says:

    My name is Kimi Tiilikainen (male). I´m a Finnish Davis Cup Captain (tennis) and personal coach for one very promising Polish tennis player. He is playing US Open qualifying this week at Flashing Meadows and we are staying at Crowne Plaza hotel at Times Square, NY. We went out for dinner the day we arrived five days ago and I saw one of your galleries near by the hotel. I absolutely fell in love with your 3-D art. I have visited the gallery now every day hoping that they will tell me that if I will never come back again I will get one of those 3-D artworks of yours for free. No luck yet, so let´s see how long they will put up with me…I mean, you have to know that I am not much a guy who goes to see paintings or art but what you have created just blows me away. Your art is exciting, interesting and humorous. The colours you are using are amazing. It was very surprising to see that you partly come from Finland as well. I am sure you have gotten the art-side from your mum…Anyway, Just wanted to tell you that you are amazing artist. Good luck and all the best!

  2. Charles says:

    Thank you for your comment Kimi! Let me know what you think of the Fazzino Showroom if/when you next get to Helsinki! Safe Travels!


  3. Janette says:

    I was at the last weekend in Helsinki´s Habitare and I was watching the works of modern art. There where many great and inspiring works, but when I saw your works I was fascinated! They really shined from the group. I left watching them until my mom came and I had to go. Tuule gave me the map of Helsinki´s art gallerys and her visiting card, so I coul see more! And I was eager.
    So, yesterday I was in Helsinki whit my fried because we were visiting in Kiasma, and we had also a purpose to go wacht Gallery Dix and your works. But when we arrived there, it had just closed! What a miserable! But for lucky, I saw someting through the windows.. I really have to go there again, when it´s open!
    I just want to say, that your works are awsome and they give me more bug to my dream of artist career. Now I´m studing in High school´s art class.

    I´m sory, if my english sucks..

  4. I’m a big fan of pop art and thus a big fan of yours! Congrats on the new gallery!

    I’m planning on doing some traveling next fall in Scandinavia; this gallery will be the first on my list when I hit up Helsinki.

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