I’m finally back in the studio. Actually arrived home on Monday, but then it snowed, snowed, and then snowed some more! Yesterday was our first full day back. There are a few more things I wanted to share from my Super Bowl experience before moving on to my next adventure.

 First of all, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS! I’ve modified the final Super Bowl artwork to reflect the Saints Championship effort. What a fantastic game! I have to admit that i felt bad for my new friend Pierre Garcon, but it was heart-warming to watch the celebration in the French Quarter. Here’s the final Super Bowl artwork:


I had a lot of fun in Miami. Thank you to all of my collectors who came to the Wentworth Gallery shows in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton. I enjoyed seeing all of you! I also had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of football’s greatest legends – Don Shula. He was the guest of honor at a cocktail party given by the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee. We had the chance to speak for a few minutes and he autographed one of my hand-painted Super Bowl helmets. What a nice guy!

don-shula-charles-fazzino-super bowl-XLIV-helmet-LR

 I can’t believe that this was my tenth Super Bowl! It is a great honor to be working with the NFL for this long and i’m looking forward to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas next year!



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