Fazzino’s Happy Mother’s Day Tribute

In my opinion, this coming sunday is one of the most important days of the year – Mother’s Day! It’s the day when we get to thank our mom’s for everything they’ve given us…the love, the support, the sacrifice. To this day, my mother is an inspiration to me. She just turned 85 and all i can hope for is to still be as determined, strong, and active as she is at her age. She’s still taking her yoga classes and lifting her weights…she’s a tough old gal. Obviously, she wasn’t always that tough old gal, but she was always strong…one of the strongest influences in my life. She inspired me to be an artist and supported my efforts every step of the way and for that i will always be grateful.


To my MOM…. you’re the greatest!


to MOM’s everywhere…..



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  1. What a lovely sentiment. And how lucky your mom is to have such a wonderful, talented and grateful son. Wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day from me too!

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