New Release: Getting Cheeky in the Queue in London’s West End

Getting Cheeky in the Queue in West End London was conceptualized by Charles Fazzino when he was in London for the Olympic Games in 2012. “I was in London for ten days, making appearances at the USA House, the American School in London, and the Procter & Gamble Family Home. I took an afternoon off to play tourist and found myself in the audience at ‘Jersey Boys” in the West End. I loved it so much and the atmosphere in that area of London reminded me so much of Broadway, that I just had to make it my next London release. I hope you enjoy it.”

Charles Fazzino’s first limited edition release about London was actually just called “London” and it was a lithograph released in 1991. Since then he has created dozens of limited editions and original pop art paintings about the Royal City.

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Getting Cheeky on the Queue in Londons West End  LR

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3 responses to “New Release: Getting Cheeky in the Queue in London’s West End”

  1. Heather Walker says:

    I am looking to purchase another art piece of the Getting Cheecky in the Que in London’s Westend for my home in the UK (Greenwich) Who would be the best provider? And also how much would this cost?
    I look forward to hearing form you

  2. Mueller Knut says:

    Just looking for the 3D from Charles Fazzino – Getting cheekie in the queue from London‘s Westend.

    Do you ship to Germany?

    Thank you

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