Behind the Fazzino Scenes

I’ve been creating 3D artwork for a long time! And every technique that i use came from lots of experimentation. When we give our studio tour and talk about the 3d pop art process, we like to tell people how certain things came to be…what kind of glue I use and why;  how the pieces of artwork are made 3D; how they are printed, etc. One of my most favorite stories is about how I started using the glitter that you see on most of my pieces.

Glitter 2

The glitter, which is actually glitter suspended in acrylic paint, has been a staple of my artwork for many years. The reality, however, is that it’s use was actually the result of mistakes. When I started making the work 3D, I made a lot of mistakes. I mean… A LOT! I could cut off people’s legs and heads and who knows what else. Well, I used the glitter to cover up a few of my “boo-boos” and lo and behold, people loved the glitter. It just added to the vibrancy and the fun of the artwork.


Over the years,  I’ve perfected both my cutting and gluing techniques, and now appreciate the glitter as its own medium. Sometimes I even cover the artwork in glitter to give it a certain effect. I remember one original painting I did of Michael Jackson. I covered his entire body in glitter…different colors and different textures. It was perfect! So, now, when I want to cover a piece in glitter, I refer to it as “The Michael Jackson glitter treatment.”


Sometimes the greatest ideas and the greatest inventions are born from the greatest mistakes!



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