Every so often, I will invite someone else to contribute to my blog. Today, you'll hear from Sharon Connelly from my publishing company. She's been with me for 11 years…–Charles

Hello all – I am so glad that I have this opportunity to “blog” with all of you. Being with Charles for 11 years I have seen many cool things. To watch Charles come up with ideas for the different editions is so much fun. He will come to work in the morning with a piece of paper or a napkin that he was drawing on the night before and it will turn out to be a new doctor piece or something to do with California. Sometimes he will be up in his office all day, you walk in and he will hold up a board and say “what do you think of this?” and it will be a New York piece or something to do with Broadway. It's amazing to watch his mind work and what he puts down on paper is just incredible!

I think my favorite part of this whole job is going out with Charles to the shows and meeting all of you! I have met so many great people in my tavels – it amazes me when some people say that they own 30 pieces and I so enjoy meeting people buying a Fazzino for the first time! I love hearing the stories of why people buy a certain piece – whether it's because it's their favorite team, reminds them of where they grew up, where they fell in love, a city they have visited on vacation or just a gift for a special occasion – the stories are always fascinating. I love that Charles' artwork makes people think about a special memory or special someone. It's great when Charles draws on the back of people's artwork at shows. People sometimes ask for the most obscure things and I think – how is Charles going to do this and he always figures it out. It still fascinates me after all of these years.

Please tell us your favorite story about meeting Charles or about why you bought a particular piece. We would love to hear from you! Thanks for letting me share my experience with you! I hope to “blog” with you again soon!



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