Heather Fazzino’s Crook Couture Updates

Heather Lee Fazzino is proud to announce that she has re-launched her Crook Couture website with a brand new shopping cart feature. Now, you can enter the site, tour the product line, and order all from one place!


Heather’s line has been expanding over the last year to include more clothing, furniture and artwork. Her exclusive line of puzzles, playing cards, and stationery items for Barnes & Noble has taken off and it’s being sold in stores all across the country. She’s in good company too, sandwiched between pop artists Michael Godard and her father Charles Fazzino. We’ve seen them in Charleston, Charlotte, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale in recent weeks. Shop for them easily at BarnesandNoble.com.













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2 responses to “Heather Fazzino’s Crook Couture Updates”

  1. Paul F. says:

    Heathers site looks great!! All the best to her. We know she has the right genes to be spectacular!!!

  2. pat tumusiak says:

    heather, i love your puzzels==please, please let there be many more, i can’t wait to buy more of them, they facinate me, let me know when you come up with another one, please, i am waiting====

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