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Make it a Puzzle Party Night

Are you looking for a unique activity to relax with friends and family this weekend?  We want to share with you our latest idea: A puzzle party! Who doesn’t enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles? When friends and family join in, it’s always more fun.  Ever have trouble finding that one piece?  Getting fresh eyes involved makes the whole process lively and all-embracing!

A Night for Jigsaw Puzzles

I like to set aside a night or two just to spend with the family and I’m always looking for something a little more conversation oriented than watching a movie together. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch a movie and cuddle up with some popcorn, but putting together a jigsaw puzzle gets the brain working.

How do you begin your puzzle party?  Start by having a nice meal together. Sitting around the table and discussing our days over some great food is the best start. It doesn’t matter the food, just so long as everyone enjoys it. You could order in so no one has to cook and clean up time is minimal.

Once the table is cleared, it’s time to bring out the real jigsaw puzzles. You can wow your guests by pulling off the tablecloth to reveal your puzzle – a Jigmat hides the puzzle underneath for an easy transition from dinner to puzzle time, making that transition a little smoother and giving you more time to dive into the puzzle.

Charles Fazzino Puzzles

Fazzino jigsaw puzzles are very challenging because the images are so complex. Putting together a jigsaw puzzle by Charles Fazzino makes putting together a beautiful cityscape fun while still challenging our brains. When you’ve finished putting the puzzle together, use a glue to preserve the image. This is an easy way you can take a 3D pop art puzzle by Charles Fazzino from the table to the wall to adore every day!


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