I LOVE My New Dioramas

I can’t believe how the new diorama sculptures i’m working on are coming out. They’re like my new little babies….i’m just so excited about them. I did the first one as an experiment for Art Expo and have been working on a few new ones since then…They’re like 3D on steroids!!! 3D SQUARED…..3D IN 3D!


I’ve always wanted to create pieces like this but visiting the Red Grooms exhibit at the Hudson River Museum last year inspired me to go ahead and try it. There was one sculpture there that took up a whole room! You could actually walk inside it….


As with all of my new techniques, this one evolved from a small idea into a big one. I started by trying to put together small pieces of canvas…which led to big pieces of canvas…which led to building out independent elements in canvas and boxing them in like in the Venice picture below. I’ve finished one on New York and i have two more in the works. Pictures of all three are below. The one on the bottom is on its side because it’s drying.


I love the fact that i can actually create whole little worlds with these…Many have windows that you can actually peer through … i can create scenes INSIDE the buildings which is really cool. Kind of reminds me of those cards that they had when we were kids that had houses with die cut windows that you could actually open up and see into.


I’m also creating plexiglass boxes with mirrored backs so you can see the 3D from all angles. There’s nothing like new creativity to really inspire me…i’m driven to work on these…to make them better and more interesting…you could say i’m a little obsessed with them. I would welcome feedback from you on what you think…ideas….subjects….i’m on it! I’ll continue to post pictures as they progress.


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7 responses to “I LOVE My New Dioramas”

  1. Jenn says:

    These are great!! What about a circus, Under the Big Top!!
    Can’t wait to see more.

  2. CFazzino says:

    i have thought about circus…been playing around with my ringling brothers serigraph to see how i could turn that into the big top. Thanks for the comment, Jenn.

  3. Mike says:

    AWESOME… These are spectacular looking pieces. Good Luck with them. When do you believe that they will be available to collectors?

  4. CFazzino says:

    Thanks Mike….they are available for collectors….can be commissioned…my staff is working on a new page for them on my website. Should be up soon!
    thanks for the comment.


  5. Maria says:

    Nice work and I hope you will keep it up with your efforts.

  6. Dawn Insanalli says:

    I adore your artwork. I remember seeing a piece by you in the window of a gallery in greenwich village in the 80’s. I said to myself, “now that’s different and fun”. Years later your art became these great iconic masterpieces that are known throughout the world. Just wanted to say your art is loved by many!

  7. Maria says:

    I love the artwork
    And i was wondering if you could tell me how you made that bridge and boat in the 2nd picture?

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