I was commissioned to create a Ketubah

I recently completed one of my most favorite private art commissions. Jaimie Perla and Gregg Furst came to me a few months before their recent wedding and asked me if i would consider creating a 3D pop art ketubah for their ceremony. I was very excited by this challenge and that they would think of me for this meaningful event….for those of you not familiar, a ketubah is a Jewish wedding certificate that is signed by the bride and groom and various people taking part in the ceremony. Jaimie and Gregg talked to me about their lives and told me where they met, about their favorite restaurants and places to travel…vacation spots….and other personal hobbies and information….i took all of that and put it together into an original artwork that would be worthy of housing their marital contract. I am so pleased to be able to share it with you. Jaimie told us that her wedding was being filmed for that television show “Platinum Weddings” so i hope that when it airs, everyone will be able to see it. Congratulations Jaimie and Gregg and thank you for including me in this wonderful milestone.


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  1. Wendy & Lloyd Makarowitz says:

    Dear Mr. Fazzino,
    My husband and I recently viewed Platinum Weddings on WETV. We viewed with much delight the beautiful ketubah you created for Jaimie and Gregg Furst. We are fans of your work and have a small collection of six of your works including Marilyn and Alfred Hitchcock. We truly are fans and our collection will continue to grow.

    Perhaps some day we will commission you to to create a Ketubah for our eldest grand daughter Hailey Katz. She is only eleven-but someday we hope we will witness her wedding and the Ketubah would be a special gift.

    Wendy Makarowitz

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