Did you know that there is a whole group of artists who classify themselves as “Latte Artists?” We certainly didn’t. But someone recently sent us a blog about Japanese Latte Artist Kazuki Yamamoto. Kazuki, obviously incredibly skilled at pouring latte foam, is becoming increasingly well-known for the art he so meticulously creates out of that very foam.

Innovation as an Art Form

Ingenuity has always driven the art world. We have great respect for ingenuity and hold in high esteem the “first” artist to do anything. Andy Warhol was the first artist to elevate everyday objects to the status of fine artwork. Jackson Pollock made famous the fine art “drip.” Piet Mondrian made famous the combination of big, bright, bold geometric shapes. They were innovators.

Kazuki Yamamoto is also an innovator and we’re grateful that he’s carefully and comprehensively documenting his work. We imagine his biggest challenge is going to be how to preserve it. Foam fades. Maybe he’ll figure out a way to make his works permanent. We can only hope. In the meantime, we can admire through pictures and of course, if you happen to be in Japan, visit him at Cafe10g, the coffee shop in Osaka where he practices his craft as a top barista.

A compilation of photos of 3D Latte Foam art by artist Kazuki Yamamoto


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