On the heels of the popular and sold out release “Illusions of New York,” Charles Fazzino is releasing a new New York series on aluminum titled “Midnight in Manhattan.”  This time, he’s experimenting with color. The piece will be available in the standard black and white, and full color editions. However, he’s also thrown in a blue monochrome print and a green monochrome print. “I love the way the black and white pieces really shine on the aluminum, so I decided to go one step further,” said Fazzino. “We printed the image out in a whole rainbow of monochromatic colors and the green and blue were the ones I liked the best. So, we’re putting them out there. I think they are very cool and just a touch different while still remaining true to my style of rendering New York City.”

Midnight in Manhattan PR.Green.Blue LRreal

Contact your favorite authorized Fazzino gallery for purchasing information or drop us an email at info@fazzinocollectors.com.


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