MLB All-Star Game Highlights

Hello Everyone! You can see highlights from Charles Fazzino's experiences during MLB All-Star Game Week on several websites including MLB.Com and Fox.Com. I'll post the links as i get them.

Chalres Fazzino Talks About his All-Star Game Artwork on

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  1. LeJuan George says:


    First off, thank you so much for sharing with us the links to the photos of the unveiling of your artowrk and the LIVE interview of you on As I sit back, look, and listen, I continue to be amazed by your plethora of talents. You will always and forever be my #1 artist and first choice!!!

    With all of the media attention to the event, I knew that THE MASTER would be busy with appearances and 3-D work. Since I cannot be there to enjoy those events, it’s really gratifying to know that you are reaching out to us (your fans).

    Your gift is so powerful and amazing! I keep telling people all over Alabama about you. Now that I footgage like this to share with them, we need you here in AL to exhibit and show more. My best to you and your awsome staff.


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