MLB Fanfest

We're four days into the MLB Fanfest at the Jacob Javits Center and it's been a blast. Being in our home town and sharing the all-star game with all of you has been an exciting experience. The “Big Hat” yankee helmet sculpture has been attracting a lot of attention and i've done interviews for, ESPN, WFAN radio, Fox news, and more. It's been a lot of fun. Write to me and tell me about YOUR Fanfest experience.


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  1. Sharlene says:

    My husband and I attended the MLB Fanfest on Sunday and were fortunate to be able to meet you. My son whose 22 and also a big fan of your work would have been there too, but he’s in Peru working on an archaeological site. I must say
    that not only are you immensely talented, but also extremely gracious. When you not only autographed the print I purchased but also personalized it to my son and posed for a picture while holding it–what can I say but thanks for being so kind. Then when you personalized your book and drew a Yankee Stadium sketch in it(we’re a family of huge Yankee fans), I thought it was terrific that someone so gifted and famous would take so much time for his fans. Thanks so much!!!

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