New Release: California is Calling Me!

Charles Fazzino can never be accused of being a one-coast artist! Yes, he’s most famous for painting New York, but he spreads the talent all over and his latest creation takes him out West to California. “California is Calling Me” is a more personal look at the Golden State than you might think.

“I’ve spent a lot of time out in California. I wanted this to be in a sense, my personal reflection of what California is like. The piece has a lot of my favorite haunts in it…hotels, restaurants, villages. And I’ve always been struck by how much nature…and wildlife…there is out there. It’s a different world from New York where I spend most of my time, and I wanted this piece to really capture that.”

There are tons of hidden gems in this incredibly detailed and intricate composition. From Whiskeytown and Muir Woods, all the way down to Joshua Tree and Pismo Beach. If it’s in California, chances are it’s in there! “Because the state is so long, there is an incredibly amount of diversity in terms of landscape and lifestyle in California. The wine…the mountains…the National Parks…the desert…the water…the beaches. California really does have it all!”

Charles Fazzino 3D Pop Art piece "California is Calling Me."


Fazzino’s California

Charles Fazzino has been rendering California in his 3D pop art style for decades.  It all started in 1990 with “I Luv LA”


Charles Fazzino 3D Pop Art piece "I Luv LA."

Since then, there have been several California images, all of which have sold out on the primary art market. They have included: “That San Francisco Treat” from 2000, “Our Day in San Francisco” from 2004, and “You’re Going to Hollywood” from 2012.

  Charles Fazzino 3D Pop Art piece "That San Francisco Treat"

Charles Fazzino 3D Pop Art piece "Our Day in San Francisco"

Charles Fazzino 3D Pop Art piece "You're Going to Hollywood"



 Interested in purchasing any of these California-inspired pieces? Contact your Favorite Authorized Fazzino Gallery or fill out a simple Purchasing Information form!

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One response to “New Release: California is Calling Me!”

  1. Hugh Donnelly says:

    To Charles,
    About 15+ yrs ago, we purchased ‘In a New York minute’ at a Lambertville, NJ gallery and hung it proudly in our daughter’s bedroom in Princeton. After retiring from NYC career, we shipped it to Seattle, to Scottsdale, and then back to Seattle, where we’re it overlooks the iconic Seattle skyline/Elliot Bay/Mt Rainier view you see on the evening news and NFL Seahawk games. We appreciate your affection for California; we almost retired there…it’s everything you said in this website and more. But our daughter’s move to Seattle and subsequent immersion into this chapter of Americana led us to a second home in Seattle (those western sirens called us to Scottsdale, our primary). Long way of saying…please consider a Seattle-scape in a future endeavor…sooo much to capture in this incredible landscape and melting pot…and home to the 2 wealthiest families in the world (Bezos and Gates). It’s the future of ‘pop’, for sure!!
    We love our ‘NY minute’, and always will. That’s how our family journey started:-).
    Best regards, Hugh

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