If you are up-to-date on your Fazzino 2018 releases, you know that Charles Fazzino is on a “black and white kick” this year.  Half way ‘Round the City is the most recent monochromatic masterpiece! The golden accented Lady Liberty is front and center in this small, yet bold piece with her beautiful city behind her. No matter how you connect with the city that never sleeps, we can all see that Fazzino has brought the intricate details of the buildings, the boats, and beauty to life yet again. Even the clouds have smiles!

black and white pop are piece "Half Way Around the City" with the Statue of Liberty front and center with gold accents

Edition Size: 100DX/100PR
Image Size: 20″ x 13.75″

“I can’t say it enough, I LOVE NEW YORK CITY! Even though I am known for my bright colors, I’ve spent more time creating in black and white this year than ever before. It’s a challenge to use a more limited color palette and still give the artwork that intricate and dimensional feel.  I actually think that some of my black and white releases this year are more dynamic and have more movement to them than some of the full color. I was a little skeptical about releasing so many monochromatic pieces at once. I’ve been thrilled by the response. My collectors are seeing these pieces the way I intended them and that’s very validating for me as an artist.” – Charles Fazzino


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