From Louis Armstrong to Billie Holiday

“Harlem and All That Jazz” is a new monochromatic release from the Master of 3D Pop Art.  Gold highlights metaphorically hearken back to the “Golden Age” of Jazz in the heart of Harlem in the 1920’s and 1930’s. This piece was inspired by iconic nightclubs like The Cotton Club, The Lenox Lounge, and The Apollo Theater that were the popular haunts during Harlem’s heyday as one of the birthplaces of Jazz music.

"Harlem and All That Jazz", new monochromatic release from Charles Fazzino of the city skyline that features iconic nightclubs like The Cotton Club, The Lenox Lounge, and The Apollo Theater

Edition Size: 100DX/100PR 20″ x 13.75″

When Fazzino hears Jazz music he thinks back to the time when the Cotton Club sold “#1 Beer” during prohibition and the locals visited the clubs to dance the “Big Apple Dance.”  If you look close you might recognize the entertainers who played at the clubs! They were some of the most widely known blues and jazz performers of their time including Ethel Waters, Cab Calloway and  Duke Ellington.

“Music is a form of art, and that’s why this part of history speaks to me the way it does. It was a magical time and Harlem was a magical place. I used contrasting colors of deep grays, bright silvers and metallic golds to highlight the elements that brought light into dark times. The music, the nightclubs, the performers and the vibe all create a sound that can be heard just by looking at the piece!” – Charles Fazzino 


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