On the Eleventh Day of Fazzino

Today’s Featured Gift of the Day
Now Playing on Broadway Art Book!

On the Eleventh Day of Fazzino, we offer to you…20% off the most recent Charles Fazzino art book titled “Now Playing on Broadway”. The perfect gift for the Fazzino fan. You can even order it with a personal dedication by the artist. With more than 100 pages and 100 art plates, “Now Playing on Broadway” features most of the Fazzino art collection created between 2007 and 2010 .   MUST ORDER BY December 18th for Christmas delivery.



Regular Price: $45 unsigned/$85 signed and dedicated plus shipping and handling

Today ONLY – 20% Off (while supplies last)!

To Order: Email info@fazzinocollectors.com

Plus, we’re giving one of these books away for FREE. Just post a comment on this blog or on the Fazzino Facebook Fan Page answering our holiday question of the day by midnight tonight and you’ll have the chance to be our randomly selected winner.

Question of the Day: “What does the holiday spirit mean to you?”



Visit the Charles Fazzino Gift Shop for even more holiday gift ideas and stay tuned for tomorrow’s Day Twelve Featured Gift of the Day!

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19 responses to “On the Eleventh Day of Fazzino”

  1. Pamela W says:

    Family, friends and good times!

  2. Jess Rosenberg says:

    Peace on Earth and goodwill to men!

  3. Stacey Archip says:

    Spending time with loved ones and helping someone in need.

  4. Gina O says:

    Taking time to remember the reason for the season with family and friends.

  5. Sydney Wool says:

    Getting into the spirit of Christmas, to be happy. To be joyful. It’s the giving season. Loving season, and when people say that they are in the Holiday spirit it means all of the above !

    • julie says:

      Congratulation Sydney Wool – you are the winner of the Eleventh Day of Fazzino! You will be contacted shortly via email!

  6. John J Cyrus says:

    It is a time to feel a spirit of joy and peace. It is a time to connect and feel especially close and thankful for family. It is a cozy time.

  7. ivelisse woods says:

    Winning great prizes from the ultimate creative artist, Charles Fazzino, of course!

  8. edwin rosado says:

    Sharing time with family and friends you don’t always get a chance to see.

  9. Zlata Rooney says:

    Being with your family and appreciating the good health and love you have

  10. Jil Smith says:

    Be nice and care for each other

  11. Arthur Amil says:

    Love, peace, family and friends

  12. CathyH says:

    Holiday spirit is getting into the festivities with a youthful and fun outlook

  13. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    Holiday spirit means family, love, kindness, and wishes of peace in the world.

  14. Matt Piscitelli says:

    Family, friends, pets, and food.

  15. steven w says:

    Holiday spirit means love. Love of family and friends, and love for the entire world.

  16. Laurie Lichtenstein says:

    Love, peace, health and happiness to all….

  17. Jennifer Buckner says:

    spending time with loved ones

  18. Robert Lichtenstein says:

    good times shared with family and friends

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